QiMenDunJia Consultation


QiMenDunJia, an ancient Chinese way of divination, believed to be originated from Jiu-Tian(九天玄女), the Goddess of Skill and Knowledge around sixty-five centuries ago, was passed on to Emperor Huang(黃帝) during the war against Chi-You(蚩尤). Historically it was first used to design military tactics and best battle strategies, dating as far back as 770 BC, during the Warring States Period. At present, QiMenDunJia is used to form prediction and select date for daily and important events like marriage, moving home, business openings, or signing contracts; as well as problem solving, or setting a roadmap during tough times in life. It's a technique which the time-space correlation to form a 3D structural model, guided by questions clients ask, to formulate a unique star chart matrix tailored to each individual, in order to decode necessary information from space, to divinate, and to form a solution and guide our clients to the right direction in life.

Consultation steps:

  1. Client puts forth and explains problem or question in mind
  2. Build up the matrix chart
  3. Analysis & deduction of the matrix chart by Master Ivan Pun
  4. Answering the question and suggestion of solutions to problems
  5. Further enquiry by clients on answers/ solutions as seen fif.
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