Ivan Pun

  • Feng Shui and QiMenDunJia Consultant
  • Chinese Astrology Fortune teller
  • Associate Member of International Feng Shui Association (Australia Chapter)
  • Level 3 NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
    (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy
  • Master of Nutrition and Dietetics

Ivan has been providing Feng Shui services for clients in both residential and commercial sector, ranging from small business to large corporations, for a decade. These include Feng Shui projects in Canberra for business such as Yum Cha CBD, Sycamore Medi-Spa, Tea Connoisseur, and Ivan had also received Fengshui project requests worldwide, including but not limited to Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Ivan studied QMDJ, 8 mansion and Flying Star Feng-Shui from his master in Hong Kong under a Sect called Qin-Tang Faction, which lineage traces back to the Han Dynasty (B.C. 202 to A.D. 220). He had developed his Feng-Shui career long before he moved all the way to Australia.

Ivan was born in Hong Kong to a middle class family, however, he was, and is still, bafflingly interested in the fascinating ancient Chinese culture and deeply believes that the world is full of energy and mysterious forces which cannot be identified by mere mortal eyes. He started learning how to practice Qi and Tai-chi when he was a child, and later began learning the Ba-Zi in his adolescence. It was then when he started to practice with his friends in analyzing the birth chart to build up his experience. He also studied Taoism and Buddhism for a better understanding of the reality of the world, the power of the mind and spiritual development.


Lineage and History of QinTang Faction

The founders/ Elders of QinTang Faction were Royal Astrologist during the Han Dynasty, after a long time of development and inheritance, the most glorious period was the Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644). Since many of QinTang apprentices were ministers servicing the Ming dynasty royal, they played the literary games (e.g. guess what’s inside in a covered bowl) with the emperor. 

After that, once the Qing Dynasty was established, the ancients of QinTang needed to escape to Southern China then branched as Kun Sector(坤門), Brother Three(三哥) is the founder of the southern branch. The Qing Dynasty and the great cultural revolution after the PRC China established were the darkest period of the QinTang Faction to inherit those “forbidden” knowledge which may help others to overthrow the regime. Fortunately, in this modern era, there are many people in China who still holds on to these knowledge which eventually became a part of Chinese culture.  

Fortunately, under the history condition that mentioned above, the grand masters was able to keep the knowledge secretly by themselves.  One of them was a Chinese Medicine Doctor who stayed in Guangzhou and waited for a chance to pass on the knowledge. Then Grand Master Shaoshan He(何少山) went to Hong Kong to find some students who were capable with the characteristic of honour the teacher and esteem truth. The grand masters of QinTang Faction setup a rule for the posterity: It is better to be lost than to be falsely passed on. Under this rule, Grand master Wenjin Shao(邵問津) was able to learn from Master He. Then Master Shao taught my Master, Patrick Wong(王苡竹).

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