Feng Shui Consultation For House-land & Design

I offer full Feng Shui service for New Build and Renovation, customized for you

Design your home with Feng Shui principle in order to establish powerful positive energy aura flows throughout your living place. I always recommend my client to contact me PRIOR the construction to see how to improve their Qi for a prosperous future.

Feng Shui Consultation for Pre-Purchasing

This service is basically a home-selection process. You can let me do a Feng-Shui reading for you BEFORE you make your commitment to new home. Good beginning is equal to half success. Setting the correct Feng Shui foundation can maximize the effect and positive Qi for you to develop a vigorous future.

Home Design Services - Optimized For Positive Qi

For families looking to build a new home from scratch, I can cooperate  with reliable qualified architects who is open to Feng Shui concept. Creating a house design with the guidance of Feng Shui principles that includes but not only in color, room arrangement and specific Feng Shui set-up. This can allow you to optimize the harmonious energy.  

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