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See how Feng Shui can benefit you?
I’ve always thought Fengshui would have a subtle and gradual effect, I never thought it would change things that quickly - my friend who stayed over was curious to find out how the whole house felt so much comfier! Work and social life has also evidently took a better turn, with a smooth start to our business and getting on good terms with numerous contacts! Ivan was very considerate in terms on how and what we can use to aid the Fengshui in our house, everything was a smooth flow - from just changing rooms and rearranging daily household items!
Lynn Tey
Founder of LT Studio
Ivan is observant and thoughtful as a Fengshui Master. You can always discuss the possibility of the right place or right material for the Fengshui decorations with him. He will always give you an alternative if the one he suggested was not feasible. After placing all the Fengshui decorations in our new house that Ivan suggested, the change that I immediately saw was my cat's skin problem which has been bothering her for years. For some reason she just kept biting her own hair off from her legs for years. We have tried many ways to treat this but nothing worked until we moved into our new house with those Fengshui decorations. We found that her hair has all grown back around after a month we moved. It is expected according to Ivan as he said animals normally response to the environment quicker than humans do. We found it really amazing~~ Ivan is always willing to fix your special concern which would be fixed quite immediately. Just follow Ivan's instructions then you will be able to start enjoying a problem-free live.
Angie Yeung
Hong Kong Client
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