QiMenDunJia Electional Astrology

Date Selection Service for moving home, business launch, events, etc.

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Electional Astrology also known as date selection, is a method to choose a good time to begin something according to the planets moving pattern. In western history, Electional astrology had been used for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.  In chinese astrology, there are also many types of date selection method with similar theory, QiMenDunJia is one of those methods. Date selection ensures that events go more smoothly with improving the potential of success.

Date selection should be considered for the followings:

  • Home moving
  • Business opening / Relocation
  • Signing a contract
  • Business travel
  • Negotiation
  • Election
  • Wedding date
  • Renovation
  • Medical procedure
  • Important event
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