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Australia-wide Feng Shui consultation services based in Canberra provided by professional Feng Shui consultant Ivan Pun. Feng-Shui, or Chinese Geomancy, is a traditional technique practiced for over 2000 years with the primary objective of  activating positive energy in the daily activity space for life, work, and entertainment.

Home Consultation focuses on family harmony and well-being of the residents. This includes improving the living quality, couple and social relationships, overall health, and wealth. Effects of Feng-Shui may not be physically evident by giving you what you want directly, but as long as positive energies have been activated, one would feel more confident and motivated, which inherently brings opportunities will also come to you in many ways, so I am looking forward for you to have a try!

Seamless process

How It Works

01 Get in touch

Contact me via Email or Phone to organise a date and time for consultation

02 Detail collection

Undergo a onsite Feng Shui Audit (or via online for international or interstate consultations)

03 Design

Develop a personalised Feng Shui Plan

04 Implementation

Implement changes using the Feng Shui Plan.

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